Initiation Fee:
Not applicable


$1,820 (20% of full general membership)

Activities Fee:
Not applicable.

Dining Minimum:
Family - $450 for season; Single - $225

22½% surcharge is added to all food and beverage sales. This is not based on your individual food and beverage consumption. It is 22.5% of total club food and beverage sales divided by the total membership; therefore, each member pays the same amount.


As determined by the Board.

Unlimited and in accordance with Club Rules and Regulations.

Use of all facilities from September 15th – May 15th each year
Not eligible to vote.
Not entitled to equity in the Club.
May not serve on the Board or Committees.

Application is subject to recommendation of Membership Committee and approval of Board.

Renewable yearly (reviewable and renewable solely at Board discretion)

These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Board.