Do you offer different types of memberships?

Yes - Lords Valley Country Club offers a variety of membership categories suited for both families and individuals across age ranges. From General (golf/tennis) to Social (pool/dining) to Seasonal (Sept 15-May 15)—there is a membership category to fit your lifestyle. Want to try it all out before deciding what category is best for you? Our popular Preview membership gives you full access to all recreational and social/dining activities for one year.

General Membership –
Provides full access to all Club recreational, waterfront, social and dining activities as a voting member. Initiation fee and dues are determined on a sliding scale according to member’s age. If you love golf, tennis and fine dining, check out our current “Special Equity Offer” for reduced dues and initiation package.

Social Membership –
You and your family can enjoy all pool, waterfront, dining and social activities. There are special rates for families under 50 years of age as well as a first -year special offer for those over 50. Social members (non-voting) can use the golf course and tennis court twice in-season and twice off-season.

Preview Membership –
One year trial membership with full access to all Club recreational, waterfront, social and dining activities. There is no initiation fee for this preview year. After this initial year you choose the membership category that’s best for you and your family—continuing as a general member or becoming a social member.

Seasonal Membership –
Off-season access to all Club recreational, social and dining activities from September 15th – May 15th each year. There is no initiation fee and dues are reduced.


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What if I am joining as a single member?

LVCC dues are based on a family unit. Many of our single members designate a ‘guest of choice’ who is afforded full Club privileges for your membership category. If you choose not to include a ‘guest of choice,’ dining minimums will be reduced to amounts determined by membership category.

Are membership dues paid all at once or in installments?

Dues are paid in installments as follows: 40% billed in February and payable by March 20th, 30% billed in April and payable by May 20th and 30% billed in June and payable by July 20th.

Are there any fees in addition to membership dues?

Yes, there are additional fees and dining minimums. Click on the link for details.
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Can I bring a guest or family member to the Club?

We encourage you to bring family members and/or guests to enjoy all that LVCC has to offer. Guests are unlimited and subject to Club Rules and Regulations.

Are there activities specifically for children?

Yes! Our Recreation Director plans and supervises events for kids of all ages. Wednesdays during the summer are Kids’ Activities Night, which may include pool parties, miniature golf, field games, a basketball clinic or relay races. On "Date Nights" parents can dine with friends while children are engaged in crafts, games and specially selected movies. In addition, we have scheduled pool events, cooking classes, junior golf clinic, tennis camp, a fishing derby...and much more!

I don’t play golf or tennis. Are there other activities?

During the summer months take a dip in our comfortably heated swimming pool or relax in the sunshine. Don’t feel like swimming? Spend some time in our Fitness Room or go to the waterfront for some boating and kayaking. And, of course, LVCC has a very active social calendar of events throughout the year. Cooking classes, casino trips, Thirsty Thursdays, themed dances, team games - all opportunities to make new friendships.

Are there off-season Club activities?

Yes, LVCC is a four-season Club. Although summer is our busiest season, there are ample activities throughout the year. In the beautiful fall and spring seasons you can see our golf and tennis players out in full force. During the winter, our golf course becomes the perfect place for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Chef Daniel’s Sunday Cooking classes have become a favorite winter activity for our members. Social events are planned for your year-round enjoyment. Whether it’s a Family Thanksgiving dinner, a holiday dinner dance, a Breakfast with Santa, a Valentine’s special event or a trip to the casino, LVCC is a place to enjoy the camaraderie and ‘feel the fun.’