Hole #12

Par 5:

Blue - 517 Yards

White - 503 Yards

Bronze - 394 Yards

Green - 346 Yards

Around the bend and up to find a beautiful and well-designed par 5 with a slight dog leg left. It features large fairway bunkers on both sides just to keep it interesting. With a good drive and then a fairway wood shot you’ll be sitting with a short iron approach to a very narrow green. It’s deceiving though – it will seem like it’s uphill, but when you chip onto the green, your ball will move briskly up the hill and slightly to the left.


First two shots have lots of room to play. The third shot is the money shot. It plays the full yardage, so don’t make the mistake of subtracting for the downhill.

The area in front of the green is in fact a false front. If you hit a ball there it will tend to stay in front of the green.

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