Hole #7

Par 5:

Blue - 516 Yards

White - 504 Yards

Bronze - 394 Yards

Green - 325 Yards

Here you find a signature hole - one of the most scenic and beautiful holes in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Step back and enjoy it! What you see on this hole is what you get. From the blue or white you tee off from an elevated tee box to a generous fairway which is framed by fairway bunkers on both right and left sides. Your second shot, with a fairway wood or long iron, should be played to the right center of the fairway and leave you with about 125 yards to the green. Then the fun starts! This green is over 125 feet from front to back, and it slopes severely from left to right and back to front.


Avoid the fairway bunkers and a series of green side bunkers on both the left and right sides.

Remember, your approach shot will run from left to right. So plan your approach from the right side of the fairway.

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