Goldberg President's Message

Dear Friends,

Our Clubhouse holiday celebrations in December have been enriched by the beautiful Clubhouse decor both inside and outside. Our traditional window decorations are, of course, the highlight of the prevailing festive atmosphere, thanks to the hard work and literally months of planning by the...more

Jennifer General Manager's Report

The holiday season is coming to an end, which always makes me a little sad since it means that all of the festive lights and decorations will have to come down. My plan is to convert the windows to a more “winter" theme so that we can leave them up for another month. I will also leave the outside lights up, or at least...more

S. Baron Band And The Band Plays On!

(Our band of party planners and Decorators, that is…) 

Let us start by saying Happy New Year to all our friends and family at LVCC. We’ve had a beautiful holiday season with so much activity and celebration this article could go on for a while…more

http Did You Know? lordsvalleycountryclub.com
By Gini DeVito

Did you know that those pictures on our website are actually action buttons (links) to somewhere else? When you type lordsvalleycountryclub.com in the address bar and hit enter, you’ll land at our website. This is referred to as the landing page. Across the top of the screen you’ll see the menu – About LVCC – Membership – Activities - Exclusive Offers - Employment and Contact Us. I know you’ll be distracted by the...more

Mem Com Membership Committee Update

We Need YOU!

Start spreading the news… about our new Summer Renter Membership!

In an effort expand our target population and further increase our membership, the Board and our committee are piloting...more

LVMA PLVMA resident's Computer Hacked

WELL, THE WORD IS OUT. Besides Sony pictures being hacked, the computer of Michael Nemitoff recently has been invaded, again. The last time this happened, hackers broke into my computer and, after reviewing all my data, sent me a note of apology. They admitted that they hacked me but the information they got was so boring that they said they were sorry and...more